Digital Shamans

Music scene of 90s in India had an alternate tale to tell.  Goa trance, the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century born in the early 90s. . Since...

Digital Shamans

psyMusic scene of 90s in India had an alternate tale to tell.  Goa trance, the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century born in the early 90s. . Since the beginning of mankind, dance and music are used as an active tool for meditation. By mixing the past and future(The combination of the tribal drum patterns with the almost alien sounding synths and samples) to create a now, Goa trance become a perfect equation for this purpose.

As a part of hippie trail so many foreigners reached  goa in the 60s.Due to the spiritual and natural attractions they made Goa a perfect destination for their commune living.  Goan DJ's were playing psychedelic rocks by Pink Floyd In 1970's. In 1980s Goan style is switched to Electronic Dance Music (EDM), a blend of percussive electronic music genres . By 1990’s Goa trance scene had a pulse of its own. Travelling DJ’s  collected  tracks that had some good synth & drum machine parts,  cut out the singing,  selecting the good parts repeating the different instrumental parts in different sequences to make instrumental "Goa" mix that would fit the party concept and spiritual concept of the goan hippies. In 1993,  Project 2 Trance, the first Goa trance album featuring tracks by Man With No Name and Hallucinogen . With some recognised names and media attention Goa trance enjoyed its commercial peak between 1996 and 1997 .

Goa trance made partying a valid spiritual path.  Through hypnotic rhythm, and patterns,Its goal was to assist the dancers to experience the collective bodily trancedence similar to that of ancient shamanic dancing rituals. Goa Trance tracks tend to focus on steadily building energy throughout, using alternating percussion patterns and more complex and layered synth parts as the music progresses in order to build a hypnotic and intense feel. A popular element of Goa trance is the use of samples, often from science fiction movies. References to para psychology, metaphysics, spirituality, extraterrestrial life, existentialism,  science, time travel, dreams,spirituality and similar mysterious and unconventional topics were used for that purpose.

In traditional culture,during ceremonies, an explorer of consciousness always count on the help of a shaman to reach the desired goal. Even when a person gets lost in the trip, shaman can bring him back. Just like this a professional psychedelic artist can also guide the trip of the crowd. So he is otherwise called as Digital Shaman