Air India Clarifies Misunderstandings Regarding Meals Served in Flight

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Air India today has stirred up a new controversy with its announcement of offering hot vegetable meals on its short duration flights. The move that was aimed to improve in-flight services got misunderstood with the media doing brouhaha over the cancellation of non vegetarian food in the flight. The original announcement said, ‘Air India will now be serving proper hot vegetarian meals on these 60 to 90 minutes flights.’
Air India however was quick to clarify that it had no such intentions and in fact it never served non vegetarian food on short duration flights. According to Air India Chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Lohani, the food earlier served was cold vegetarian snack, which has been now upgraded to a hot meal, so that people would like it more. Another official clarified that the flights of 90 minute duration are less in number and Air India have never served non-vegetarian food on them. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian is not even an issue here,” the official further said.
Later the Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mahesh Sharma said that the circular has been misinterpreted and there is no change in the previous system. He said the move is in accordance with the long standing demand of people for some hot food during the flights.