Rahul Gandhi is a ‘kid’- Arvind Kejriwal

The demolition of slum cluster in west Delhi’s Shakur Basti area has taken a different turn with Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal calling Rahul Gandhi a ‘kid’ for questioning AAP’s protest outside the parliament against the demolition of slum.
On his high profile visit to the Shakur Basti area, the Congress Vice President promised help to thousands of people who turned homeless in the midst of winter. He blamed both State and Centre government for the inhuman act. “Modi Sarkar &Kejriwal Sarkar are responsible for what has happened. But now they are busy blaming each other”, he tweeted.
“Rahul Gandhi is still a kid. His party has probably not informed him that railways comes under the central government and not under the Delhi government”, Arvinj Kejriwal shoot back on Twitter.
Members of the AAP protested outside the parliament over the demolition of slum. Trinamool Congress MP’s also joined AAP in the protest. AAP alleges that no warning was given to the people before the demolition. AAP also raised the issue in both houses of Parliament along with Janatadal(U) and Trinamool Congress.
Union minister ,Venkaiah Naidu admitted that the demolition should not happen in the winter and he had conveyed the matter to Railway Minister.
A six month old baby, Rukhiya was supposedly died in one of the slum units when her family was rushing to wrap up their belongings and shift out. Mohammed Anwar, father of the six month old said that a heap of cloth falls down on the baby’s face and it resulted in her death. He also added that if the officers gave them a little time and proper warning the infant ,who just started to see the world would be alive today.
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said in Parliament that the residents have given proper warnings and the child had died much before the demolition.
A magisterial probe was ordered by the Delhi government. Delhi Chief Minister called the persons responsible for this act as animals. The Indian Railway ,on the other hand said the removal of “ fresh encroachment was necessary for the expansion of infrastructure and the Action was taken after three proper warning notices, first one dated on March 14, 2015.