China to gamify the obedience to the state

Video Courtesy: Extra Credits

chinese_symbols_for_obey_9240_2_3In his famous book 1984, George Orwell depicts a dystopic society where the thought police will monitor the thinking process of the citizens of oceania to ensure the complete obedience to big brother. If any of the citizen tries to violate the rule they will be vaporized by the thought police.

For the citizens in the People’s Republic of China, Oceania will no longer be a fictional name. By Introducing the propaganda tool sesame credit, China has gamified the obedience to the state. Finally, Dystopia is no more an illusion!!

Sesame credit,introduced by Alibaba and Tencent in this summer,seems innocent at first look, but this credit score isn’t just about how you manage your credits -it also crosschecks how obediently you were following the party line, collecting the social network data and online purchase history.

“Coming soon to a New World Order near you: social credit! Earn points by behaving like the government wants you to behave! Get penalized if you don’t act like a doubleplusgood citizen! What could be more fun?”said James Corbett as a pretext to the recent episode of Corbett report on China’s implementation of sesame credit.

‘Posting the pictures of Tiananmen square or sharing a link about the recent stock exchange collapse will reduce your credit score. If you share a story from the official news agency /party mouth piece and comment about the good economy scene in china your score will grow up. Higher sesame score makes paper works for travel easily done while a lower score even disqualifies you from a government job’ as explained by Extra Credits on You tube..

Sesame credit is optional until 2020. A reporter in Quartz shared his experience about his friends posting the Sesame credit scores on Weibo, Chinese equivalent to twitter, and We Chat. “The sesame credit  score is created by Ant Financial, an Alibaba-affiliated company that also runs Alipay, China’s popular third-party payment app with over 350 million users”said the Quartz reporter Zheping Huan.

Chinese citizens, who embaracedthe sesame credits warm heartdly are competing each other to be a ‘good shepherd’. Sadly, as similar to a hollywood fictional movie Chinese Citizens are evolving into mere credit scores from rationally thinking human being.

Chinese strict censorship policies are already well criticized from many corners. Freedom of press and Free thinking is a fairy tale in China.  With the grass -mud horse, river crab and big yellow ducks , enlightened Chinese citizens are resisting the censorship to an extend. Hope they do same for the dystopic rule also.