Kerala CM excluded from statue unveiling, Congress- BJP clashes in Parliament

Chandy--621x414Kerala Chief Minister Oomen Chandy’s exclusion from unveiling of statue of former CM R. Sankar became a burning topic in Parliament

Congress Vice president  Rahul Gandhi slammed Prime minister over the controversy. “The Prime Minister has insulted the people of Kerala by stopping the Chief Minister from going to a function. He is the voice of the people and the Prime Minister has insulted that voice.” Rahul said to the reporters in Delhi.

The Centre denied the involvement of BJP or Prime Minister’s office in the issue. Union Minister Rajnath Singh responded to the controversy by  saying that the decision was taken by Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam, a  cultural community hosting the event, due to its internal issue and government has nothing to do with it.

“I considered the opportunity to participate in the statue unveiling function of Shri R Shankar as an honour. I felt extremely sad when I was told not to attend the function by the organisers who invited me to the event. It is not a personal insult. Kerala was insulted when its CM was denied the right to participate in an event that the PM is attending.”, Kerala CM tweeted.

Back in Kerala, the issue is a major political turmoil. Several political leaders irrespective of political ideology ,backed Oomen Chandy. V.S Achuthananthan, leader of opposition said that SNDP Yogam is trying to install the RSS Sankar at the S.N College campus.PK Gurudasan MLA and NK Premachandran MP will also boycott the function.

PK Gurudasan said that BJP-RSS-NDP alliance is testing the patience of the people of the state and SNDP has succumbed to the pressure tactics of the BJP-RSS. NK Premachandran called Oomen Chandy as a victim of intolerance and said that the action of SNDP leadership is an insult to Sreenarayana Guru’s teaching.

Apart from Oomen Chandy, Eravipuram MLA A.A Azeez is also not invited for the function. These selective exclusions are exposing the communal agenda behind SNDP General Secretary Vellapally Nadesan’s decisions. Last week, Kerala Police registered a case against Vellapally under section 153 A of the IPC for his heinous statement against an autodriver ,who lost his life while trying to rescue two labourers tapped in a manhole.

Prime Minister will undertake  his first Kerala visit as Indian PM from Monday. On December 15, he will receive a tri service guard of honour at INS Garuda. He will  unveil the statue of former Kerala Chief Minister R. Sankar and also will visit the sivigiri mutt to pay homage at the Samadhi of Sreenarayana Guru, a well known social reformer.