DDCA dismisses allegations.


New Delhi: The Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) Vice President Chetan Chouhan made an effective rebuttal to Aravind Kejriwal’s comments, calling them “baseless” allegations on account of the city’s cricket officials seeking sex for selecting players.

Chetan Chouhan, presently serving the role as the acting president, reiterated said that the city’s cricket body will sue Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Chief Aravind Kejriwal and suspended BJP MP Kirti Azad for defamation and alleging irregularities in the various age-group squads of Delhi and financial mishandling in DDCA.

“We have no information regarding the allegations put against us. Nobody has complained to us. If someone has to complain they are welcome to tell us and we will keep the information and the names confidential. Obviously, it is a very serious matter which has to be dealt with utmost seriousness,” said Chetan Chouhan while addressing the media.

“I completely understand the gravity of the matter. If anyone has any complaint, come and tell us. We will keep the information a secret and action will be taken against the guilty. What I am wondering is why people are levelling these baseless charges against us. Why are people levelling charges without any proof,” he added.

Chetan Chouhan bounced the allegations made by Aravind Kejriwal who in a recent interview made comments on account of DDCA seeking sexual favors whilst selecting players.

However, Chouhan refuted the allegations and termed them as baseless. He also made an effective rebuttal by stating that if the selection process was flawed, Delhi would not be training cricketers who go on to play for the national side.

“And regarding paid selection what I want to know is who has taken money, where has he taken it, when did any DDCA official take money or anything of that sort. If you have to complain please do but I request ‘ki log hawa me baatein na kare’. This will only bring disrepute on us. Till now, we were being quiet and did not say much. But the allegation that has been put against us is a grave one, is a serious one so we had to come out and speak,” he said.

Speaking to the press, Chetan Chouhan said that they have so far only spend Rs 114 crore on stadium construction, renovation and related works. He insisted that because of the increase in the seating-capacity of the stadium, the cost escalated.