Drad Sankalp- Army’s military exercise in Rajasthan Desert


6- Activities during Exercise 'Drad Sankalp'The Indian Army is conducting its military exercise, Drad Sankalp  at the Rajasthan deserts. Led by the Southern Command, the exercise involves boosting up of Army’s tri-service environment capabilities. The adoption of new age technologies, transformed war fighting and integrated theater battle concepts are also being relied upon.

Emphasis is also given to  jointsmanship between the three services and in developing the required synergy for achieving operational effectiveness. The key aim is to attain perfection in basic battle drill and procedures. Focus is also on the exceptional standards of training and exploiting the military’s doctrine through Manoeuvre Warfare and Directive Style of Command.

The scope of the exercise includes conclusive manoeuvres by mechanized forces on ground in harmony with the use of the Third Dimension to ensure complete dominance of the battlefield.

This training exercise with around 45000 personnel, is used as a platform to test and validate the synergetic application of all forces in a tri-services environment, along with enhancing Jointsmanship. The formations and units have been undergoing this exercise for over two months now and the final phase of the exercise along with the validation is underway.

Indian Army undertakes exercises at regular intervals at different levels to ensure that the forces are given a real war like situations and the equipment is kept in battle readiness state.