e-cigarettes can cause cancer

e cig

In a recent report, scientists confirms that e-cigarettes marketed as a safer alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes could damage cells in ways that could lead to cancer.

Reports stated that even nicotine-free versions of e-cigarettes pose the threat of causing cancer. “Based on the evidence to date, I believe they are no better than smoking regular cigarettes,” said a lead researcher at the University of California, San Diego. “Our study strongly suggests that electronic cigarettes are not as safe as their marketing makes them appear to the public,” he added.

The research was conducted after the lead team created an extract from the vapor of two popular brands of e-cigarettes and used it to treat human cells in a Petri dish. On account of the untreated cells, the treated cells showed more signs of DNA damage.

The main part of the experiment, the team used normal epithelial cells, which line organs, glands, cavities throughout the body, including the mouth and lungs. The experiment was run on two types of e-cigarettes, the nicotine version and the nicotine-free version. The nicotine version of cigarettes showed more damage than the non-nicotine version of cigarettes.

“There must be other components in the e-cigarettes that are doing this damage. So we may be identifying other carcinogenic components that are previously undescribed,” researchers pointed out. There are nearly 500 brands of e-cigarettes on the market, in more than 7,000 flavors. Scientists have their work cut out for them identifying all the potential problems.