Government Committed on Reducing Call Drop Incidents


Communication Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad came heavily on the private telecom companies by saying that, they are interested more in increasing the number of customers but less enthusiastic about improving the services. He was replying  to a question in Parliament regarding the issue of call drops in the country.

The minister has assured the house by saying that he and his government are taking the matter very seriously, and are trying to rectify  it at the earliest. Over the last few months, the issue of call drop has been cited as a worse scenario by the authorities including the statutory body TRAI.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had called upon the telecos to take note of the problem and bring it under control, as it is deteriorating the  communication and business environment in the country.

It is estimated that there are about 35000 towers of the private companies, that are faulty across the country. The problem is also aggravated by the fact that the installation of new mobile towers are often opposed by the public citing radiation and health issues. Shortage of space, lack of adequate spectrum for individual players etc. are some other reasons for the issue to hike up.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has earlier said that it would impose impose penalties on those service providers who are not yet serious about the issue. The minister said TRAI’s orders will come into existence by January. He has also informed that the BSNL is planning to install 25000 new towers across the country.

Mr. Prasad said, with the intervention of he ministry, private companies have set up 14000 new  towers across the country and rectified problems in 20000 ones.