Home Minister Lauds NIA for its Working


Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said that, to a larger extent the central government has been successful in containing the menaces of Maoism, terrorism and extremism in the country. He was talking while laying the foundation stone for National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) Lucknow branch office.

He had lauded the working of NIA by saying that the organization investigates complicated criminal cases, and the role of the agency becomes more challenging with global level expansion of extremists, Maoists and terrorists.

“We have managed to control extremism, terrorism and Maoist activities to a large extent and if it is continued at the same pace, we will get more success in future,” he said. And with the way of working of NIA, not only the people of India but also the entire have started believing that it is the best agency working in a professional, unbiased and trustworthy manner, he added.

Terming these three activities as the biggest challenges faced by the country, he stressed on the need for providing the investigating agencies with more new equipments and techniques to deal with them. The minister said, criminals today are equipped with modern methods and so the investigating agencies also have to adopt new techniques, and not the old methods.

The Minister also hailed the way in which Muslim families are stopping their children to choose the path of peace and the Islamic clerics jointly issuing fatwa against ISIS. He said owing to these reasons, the terrorist group’s activities are almost nil in the country.