India asks Nepal for earliest Normalization of the situation

Sushma-swarajExternal Affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj has asked her Nepal counterpart to normalize the troubled situation prevailing in the Himalayan country at the earliest. She asserted that India has always stood for peace and prosperity in Nepal and in no way is promoting blockade along the border.

The relationship between the two countries is seeing a never before bitterness following India’s apprehension over the newly framed Nepal Constitution’s inclusiveness and the subsequent protests along the border. Nepal accuses India of blocking trade in essential materials, and thereby worsening the crisis in the already earthquake-devastated country.

However Ms Swaraj has reiterated the fact that there is no hindrance to the supplies from India to Nepal. She also pointed out that urgent political solutions are needed to tackle the political problems in Nepal.

Since the adoption of the new constitution, the Indian origin Madhesis of the plains are demanding for more representation and political inclusion for them. Often the protests took an ugly form with the group obstructing the movement of goods vehicles from crossing the border. Nepal is facing deep crunch of medicines,petroleum and other essential items owing to this. Meanwhile India has been pressing for the necessary constitutional changes to be made to accommodate the interests of  all sections of people.

It is this backdrop, that  Mr Kamal Thapa, the Nepal Foreign Minister is visiting India for a second time in the last two months. He said Nepal hopes for an early resolution of the issues. He also briefed Ms Swaraj that discussions were focused on four key issues of a section of Nepali population viz constituency delimitation, political representation, citizenship and demarcation of provinces.

Earlier Ms Swaraj  has said in Parliament that, India would continue to maintain close engagement and bilateral exchanges with Nepal, along with extending all assistance in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Nepal, for peace, stability and socio-economic development of the country.