Nestle to launch more maggi variants

After the grand successful relaunch of maggi, Nestle is ready to hit the Indian market with other variants such as cup noodles and atta noodles in 3-4 months.

Nestle India Chairman and Managing Director Suresh Narayanan told to PTI reporters about the launching of other variants such as Oats noodles, Atta noodles and Cu[p noodles with in three to four months.

Nestle India relaunched the Maggi noodles on November 9, five months after it was banned following a Bombay high court order.

For the first time in 15 years, Nestle India had a loss of Rs 64.40 crores as an impact odf the ban. The net profit of the company also dipped by 60 percent.

Last week Supreme court stayed the government procedure of testing the instant noodles at the Export Inspection Council of India (EICI), Chennai and ordered re-testing of maggi noodles by an accredited laboratory in Mysore as a response to government’s 640 crore lawsuit against the company.

Nestle CMD Suresh Narayanan said that Nestle had sold 50-60 millions of noodles packet after the relaunch. Maggi is ramping up the production in all five plants to reach the pre crisis level status of 300-400 miillion packets. Before the ban, maggi had a wider network of about 1,500 distributers across the country which is reduced to 1000 after the ban.

Four months after the ban  Nestle India started increasing the money on TV commercials and social media advertisement to set a perfect ground for  the relaunch of maggi. Nestle India’s percentage growthof advertisement  in September was 96%  comparing to that of -49% in August.