Pakistan commemorates the Peshawar attack

peshawar-attackOn the occasion of memorizing one hundred and fifty one life shredded away by the fanatic group Tehreek-e –Taliban , Pakistan Prime minister Navas Shariff vows revenge for every drop of blood.

While attending an anniversary ceremony to commemorate  the victims of the terrorist attack on the Army Public School in the North Western City of Peshawar, Nawas said that the bloods of the martyrs will not be in waste and the operation against the military will continue until the complete elimination of the threat by militants

Several rallies and demonstrations were held across Pakistan to pay tribute to the victims of the ‘mini 9/11’. Relatives of the victims  carried candle lights along with the picture of their loved ones and participated in a parade in Peshawar.  The innocent faces of 136 Children turned as the testimony against the inhuman action by the lunatic militants.

The emotional ceremony, as told by an Army official to AFP was attended by more than 2,500 guests including the Military Chief Raheel Shareef and Opposition leader Imran Khan. The hashtag ‘some stains don’t wash out ’ go viral in the social media and Pakistani netizens changed their profile pictures to an image of a green army uniform with a bullet hole appearing like a poppy .

Earlier this month  Pakistan hanged four people linked to the Peshawar attack. The attack compelled Pakistan to take serious steps, including the formulation of the National Action Plan against Terrorism and lifting the moratorium on death penalty.

Navas Shariff said that the attack unified the nation as it was a painful incident for everyone and after the Peshawar attack, he gave up the idea of peace talk with the Taliban. The attack resulted in hardening the public opinion against extremism and the government’s   ‘ Zarb-e- Azb’ operations improved the security of people comparing to the situation since 2007.

Pakistan will observe December 16 as the Day of National Resolve to Promote Education. As a sign of national resolve to uproot terrorism, Navas Shariff announced the upgrading of  Army Public School to University.