Rains Wreak Havoc in Chennai

1449123892-chennai-floodTorrential rains in Chennai have turned into a deluge bringing the daily life to a halt. The downpour which started since November first week has submerged most parts of Chennai and the nearby suburbs. Experts estimate that it is the worst floods to hit Chennai in the last 100 years.

Considering the alarming situation, restrictions have been placed on both air and rail traffic. Flights are suspended, and about a dozen trains being cancelled. Road traffic hit hard with many a lakes overflowing  and a big crater developing in the road near to the Madhya Kailash Temple. Death tolls are also on a rise with about 200 people dead and many into casualties.

Several parts of the city is facing power blockade as authorities have cut it down as a part of the safety measures. People are also facing trouble to access safe water and shelter.

According to the Meteorological Department, rains are expected to last  for four more days. Taking account of this, the half yearly exams in schools have been postponed and offices declared off .

Though the rains were triggered by the annual year end cyclonic disturbances along the Tamil Nadu coast, the situation got aggravated with the unscientific town planning and grave mismanagement of water and drainage policies. Construction of multi storied structures over water bodies and wetlands and lack of desilting of drainage has made the city to resemble a floating building.

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has announced a relief package of 500 crores for relief  and rehab operations. National Disaster Response Force and the Army has been deployed to carry out the rescue operations on war foot. Navy is also on stand by. The Prime Minister has also offered people with all the possible helps.

Helplines are now opened, and the social media too is supporting with  initiatives to reach the victims. Boat services are also provided by government and some private transport services.