Rule of Law and Independent Judiciary ensures Protection for All- CJI


The Chief Justice of India, T.S. Thakur during an informal interaction with the reporters  said that no one in the country has to worry about the intolerance as long the judiciary stays independent. Calling the intolerance issue a political matter, he said India has Rule of Law and an independent judiciary, and as long as the courts are upholding the rights and obligations, none has to fear anything.

While saying that these are matters of perception, the CJI however refrained from commenting anything on how the politicians may use the issue. He said, he is heading the institution which upholds the Rule of Law and the rights of every citizen and all sections will be protected.

“My institution is capable of upholding the rights of citizens. Certain rights are for the citizens and certain rights are for non-citizens also and we are capable of protecting the rights”

In this context, Justice Thakur said that even non-citizens, including terrorists are beneficiaries of the Rule of Law and can be tried only in conformity of law and cannot be hanged without due process.

On answering questions on the recent issues and debates of intolerance prevailing in the country, the CJI said “In so far as we are concerned, we have no such impediments. We have no such bias and we have no such reluctance. We can protect the rights of all citizens”.

The Supreme Court head, while making it clear that he was not referring any particular incident, said this country has been home to all religions and even those who were persecuted in other countries have “thrived” here