Sorry Australia, Stoners are not Sloths

Stoner Sloth is a series of nine videos released by Australia’s New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet. This Anti weed campaign video ,under the tagline “you’re worse on weed”,is an effort by Australian government to convince the teenagers to stop rolling marijuana.

The video portrays marijuana users as the oversized south indian mammal,sloth. In one video clips, the stoner protagonist Delilah failed to submit an exampaper while her classmates calls her a “stoner sloth”.The tagline accompanying the video says”When you realise you should havehit the bongs and not the bong”

In the second video,Jason,a boy, struggles to pass the salt plate at the family dinner table. Jaison is branded as a stoner sloth by his sister. “Stoned at dinner and the struggle is too real”, says the tagline.

In the third video, teens are at a party drinking alcohol, responsible for more than 2.5 million deaths per year, and a young girl is complaining about people who wear socks with sandals. David, stoner teenager, fails to respond to this statement and he is called as a “stoner sloth” by his pal. The hilarious tagline is” TFW you realise you shouldn’t have smoke up”. Sadly , this video turns out as an alcohol promoting video.

Rest six videos also failed to deliver the messages. ‘Stoner sloth’ is a failure campaign to address the real target audience- frequent cannabis users. The stereotype situations used to tell the story of the stoner sloth is judgingthe marijuana users as bad sloths. While necessity of medical marijuana and legalization of marijuana is becoming a hot topic worldwide, Australian government is still playing hide and seek.

The Australian Stoner sloth is widely trolled in social media. The campaign is countered by a lot of parodies .# stoner sloth is the  most trending twitter hash tag this week.

imagine how John Lennon, Jim Morisson, Steve Jobs etc would have reacted to these STONER SLOTH CAMPAIGN!!

Rather than producing fairy tales as campaign video, government should have done some thing serious to educate people about the pros and cons of drug use