Switch off your phone and look out the aliens

Video Courtesy: Seeking Stories

If you wish to step out of the virtual world and ready to feel the  ecstasy of the nature, Green Bank is waiting for you. Those who not bothered about the likes and comments and the overflowed timeline can seek the shelter in the lap of this small West Virginian town.
Green Bank , known as the “quietest place in America”is a  13,000 square miles of cellphone –free airwaves zone and a place with restricted Wi-Fi access. Micro wave ovens and cordless phones also have a red card in his area. To protect the Green Bank Telescope, world’s largest steerable radio telescope, this small village town is made as a US National Radio Quiet Zone by a law in 1958.

This coolest and spectral place is the garden of Eden to “electromagnetic hyper sensitives” and the scientists busy in searching  the extraterrestrial life . Absence of the electromagnetic and radio waves makes Green Bank a perfect location to receive the signal from the Alien world.

Green Bank is the property of NRAO(National Radio Astronomy Observatory).The residents in this town had to sign a rental agreement which says the complete ban on anything that could transmit a signal. Green Bank Telescope is 450 feet tall with a surface area of 328by 360 feet.  Until 2021, the Green bank telescope will scan 85% of the celestial sphere in its biggest effort to trace the extra terrestrial life.

People who have shifted to Green Bank due to the  harmful effects caused by electromagnetic radiation claims that theyfeel more aliver in this wifi- free zone. Instead of connecting with nature, Humans biengs are bombarded  with EMF’s every where . This scenario creates serious health problems.

These community , who are locked back in the time according to the lexicon of modern technology . But who cares a tweet while talking with an alien!!