Transport Ministry takes New Initiatives to Reduce Road Accidents


In order to reduce the ever increasing number of road accidents in the country, Centre is considering implementing a number of steps. Union Transport minister Nitin Gadkari today said that these include proposals like making air conditioning mandatory in the driver’s cabin of trucks and buses. He was speaking at the inaugurating function of the 76th conference of Indian Road Congress.

The minister said that every year around 1.5 lakh people die and three lakh people get injured in road accidents. He said the government wants to curtail by 50 percent the approximate number of 5 lakh accidents taking place every year. There is also a necessity to pay attention towards road engineering otherwise in future here may be a need to register cases against those who make detailed project reports (DPRs) of roads if a faulty road is found to be reason of the accident.

He added that the engineers should not change the land acquisition plans for roads under pressure from local politicians. Mr. Gadkari said his ministry has identified accident-prone spots on highways and drafted Rs 12,000 crore schemes to prevent accidents by improving the condition of the highways.

He said to make the drivers who work non-stop for hours, more alert, the ministry is going to make air conditioning of the drivers’ cabins mandatory. The ministry is also thinking of forming teams of paramedical personnel who can rush to the scene of accident on motorcycles and provide first-aid quickly, he said.