Coco Cola likely to unveil a new campaign

coca cola good

Despite the unabated protest from consumers who look to cut back on the sugary drinks, the company Coco Cola is planning to unveil a new global campaign for the first time that unites the flagship cola product with lower-calorie versions.

The marketing slogan “Taste the Feeling” campaign will feature Coke as well as the various drinks. The new slogan will replace the ‘open happiness’ campaign that was launched back in 2009.

Due to the various studies on the unhealthy aspect of Coke, and the increasing link to obesity, the drink was side lined by many. However, the company still gets about three-quarters of its sales from full-calorie drinks including Sprite, Powerade and Simply orange juice.

Sources from the company said that they did not care about the fall in the sales due to the links to obesity. They claimed that it did not matter to them as to whether original Coke ends up being just 20 per cent of sales over time.

The new campaign, as per the company sources, is a novel idea that notes all the variations in the drinks under a single brand. Individuals markets such as US will determine how to adapt the global strategy locally.

The pilot project is already being tried out at Chile, Russia and Spain. The line-up with cans that looks more alike. The top halves of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero cans are all red, while the bottom halves denote the variations.