Rohit Vemula Suicide: HCU planning protest march

rohit vemula

rohit vemula
In the wake of the sordid links with Central government tumbling out of the closet in the aftermath of Dalit research scholar Rohit Vemula, the joint action committee of Hyderabad central university has decided to organise the ‘chalo HCU’ movement tomorrow. “We are seeing a massive response from grassroots also. People are calling from villages and states like Punjab and supporting us in protests,” says Dhanunjay, member of the HCU JAC.

Meanwhile leaders from the Jawaharlal Nehru University are arriving in the university to express solidarity with the movement.

Simultaneously the Osmania university is organising a peace rally on Tuesday starting from Peoples Plaza to Ambedkar statue. The Osmania University Joint Action Committe is helping organise the rally. “Once the rally reaches the Ambedkar statue we will hoist the flag and observe a two minute silence,” says Dhanunjay.