Google celebrates R-Day with BSF camel contingent doodle


Google celebrated India’s republic day with a non animated doodle. The doodle depicted a tableau of camels carrying band members. The doodle showed men riding a flock of camels.

The BSF camel contingent is the inheritor of the Bikaner Royal Camel Force. The first contingent of the Border Security Forces or BSF showcases smartly dressed border guards with weapons riding camels. The contingent that follows showcases bandsmen in multi-colour dresses on the back of camels playing martial music.

Although there were rumors of the BSF camels contingent not being a part of the R-Day parade this year, the plan was later reneged as the nation did not want to break the 66-year-old tradition.

French President Francois Hollande is the chief guest at the parade this year. . Delhi Police and paramilitary police personnel have been deployed across the city to ensure the conduct of the day without trouble.

The ceremonial boulevard – Rajpath — which runs from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate on which the parade takes place is under a thick security blanket.