Unexpected rain and snow in Jammu and Kashmir

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Jammu/Kashmir: Jammu and Kashmir for the next three days will see incessant rain and snow.  Officials from the Metrological department said that the unexpected weather will break the over month-long dry spell.

Officials asserted that due to the nightlong cloud cover, the minimum temperature in Srinagar city rose above the freezing point. This is the first weather recorded in the last one month.

“The minimum temperature was 0.1 degrees Celsius in Srinagar and the maximum during the day is likely to remain around 10 degrees,” said a meteorological official.

In Pahalgam, the minimum temperature was minus 1.9 degrees on Tuesday and it was minus 2.6 degrees in Gulmarg. Leh town recorded minus 9.5 degrees as the minimum temperature. The minimum was 4.9 degrees in Jammu city and the likely maximum will remain around 14 degrees.

In the last 40-day period of extreme winter was experience in Kashmir valley known as ‘’Chillai Kalan’ which ends on January 31

This has been worrying Kashmiris because all the perennial water reservoirs of the valley situated in the higher reaches are replenished by snowfall that occurs in Chillai Kalan.

The valley’s rivers, streams, lakes and springs are sustained during the summer months by the meltdown from the mountain reservoirs.