SFT India Launches Reclaim Tibet Campaign

reclaim-tibetStudents for a Free Tibet in India  (SFT)  kick started a new hashtag campaign ‘Reclaim Tibet’  to highlight the historical map of Tibet and expose China’s map of Tibetan Autunomous region that ignores the Tibetan province of Kham and Amdo. The campaign aims to commemorate the glorious Tibetan past through art, music, stories and poetry.

“As 13 February approaches, we at Students for a Free Tibet-India are excited to celebrate Tibet’s independent past. In an occupied country, observing independence day is a powerful expression of a people’s desire for freedom.Over the last four years, February 13 has been celebrated in over 50 cities worldwide. This year we will highlight how the 2008 uprising, spreading to all three traditional provinces, has redrawn the territorial map of Tibet” Said Tenzin Tselha, National Director ,SFT India.

Over 4,000 Tibetans, friends and supporters have taken part in this campaign to reclaim the independent Tibet. Young Tibetans are changing their profile pictures, sharing their ‘Tibetan experience’ and circulating the tibetan map under the hashtag #ReclaimTibet.

February 13, the day when 13th Dalai Lama proclaimed the restoration of Tibetan Independence, is celebrated by Tibetans and supporters all over the world as TIbetan Independence day. Since 2013, Tibetans and supporters in over 30 cities are celebrating the day by organizing educational events, exhibitions, flag raising ceremonies, protest actions at chinese embassies and other creative protests.

Last year, SFT organized a campaign honouring the Tibetan flag to make the flag morev recognizable in an effort to secure the past and shape the future.

This year, the main feature is to highlight the Tibetan map and how   the 2008 uprising, series of protests, and demonstrations that started in Tibetan regional capital of Lhasa and spread to other Tibetan areas and a number of monasteries including outside the Tibet Autonomous Region, has re asserted the territories of Tibet