6.4 magnitude earthquake hits north west China

chinoOn Thursday morning, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 hits in the remote area of north west china. The quake damaged few dozen homes, but no casualties are reported.

On Thursday morning at 1:13 am , a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Menyuan county area of Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai, said the official Xinhua news agency.

The agency quoted the local authorities saying the earthquake has damaged 54 houses of which 20 homes with cracks in the wall. No immediate casualties were reported from the 10 km deep strucked tremor. The phone services in the Menyuan county is operatuing normally, adds the official Xinhua news agency.

According to Xinhua news agency report, an after shok with 3.4 magnitude was reported minutes after the initial earth quake. Despite a freezing temperature of minus 20 degree Celsius, many scared local residents ran out of their homes and spend their night inside the cars.

Tremors are also felt in the Xining region , Capital of Qinghai province and Gansu province, added the official Xinhua news agency.  The US Geological Survey put the earthquake at the magnitude of 5.9 and said it struck world’s most seismically hazardous region on the western edge of Tibetan platue.

The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) has sent rescue teams and relief materials, including dozens of folding beds, tents and hundreds of cotton quilts, coats and blankets, to the the Menyuan County, reports the Xinhua news agency by quoting the RCSC officials.

Earlier, the scientist and prominent ecologists have linked  the  increasing  level of seismic activity in the Tibetan plateau to rampant damming ,unplanned construction and illegal mining by China in the region. China’s ‘ecocide’of the ‘third pole’ may  led to unprecedented ecological destruction which damages the young himalayan ecology .