Apple May Launch its Brand of Automobiles

apple self driving car



Speculations regarding the Apple’s plan to launch its brand of automobiles is on the rise with it registration of various domain names. According to domain information provider Who.is domain names including apple.car, apple.cars and apple.auto has been registered by the company in December.

This is amidst the report of Apple’s plan to release electric car by 2019. However according to a report in MacRumors, thedomain names could be related to Apple’s CarPlay which lets drivers access contacts on their iPhones, make calls or listen to voicemails without taking their hands off the steering wheel. Though never openly acknowledged its intention of building a car, Apple has been aggressively recruiting auto experts from companies such as Ford or Mercedes-Benz.

Car technology has become a prime area of interest for Silicon Valley companies including Google Inc, which has built a prototype self-driving car.