Beef Row: Muslim Couple assaulted on a Train in Madhya Pradesh


A muslim couple was attacked by members of Gauraksha Samithi on a train in Madhya Pradesh on wednesday, when they objected to thier luggage bieng checked on suspicion for carrying beef.

The incident took place at Khirkhiya Railway station in Harda district Madhya Pradesh. Seven members of the Gauraksha Samithi entered into the Kushinagar Express train and insisted on searching the passengers and thier luggage as they got an information that a passenger is carrying beef, NDTV reports.

The Indian Express quoted the Police saying that the right wing activists claimed to have siezed beef from the bag of a passenger during tier raid on the general compartment of the train before laboratory tests proved it was buffalo meat.

Speaking to the reporters of Indian Express, Muhammed Hussain , who was on the way to his hometown Harda with his wife Naseema Bano, said ““They pushed my wife around when she objected to our luggage being searched. We live in India and know what is wrong and right, we eat only goat meat. Besides, the black bag from which the meat was seized did not belong to us. Finally, a constable came to our rescue and saved my wife”.

Police have arrested two members from the right wing group under the section 294 (usage of obscene words), 506(criminal intimidation) and 323(punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) of the IPC and section 153 of the railway act(endangering safety of railway passengers) and is searching for the five members of the samithi. Nine local residents, including the relative of the couple, are also arrested for endulging in a clash with the rival Gauraksha Samithi members. According to NDTV report, all the arrested have been granted bail.

“When some passengers objected to their luggage being turned upside down, the activists roughed them up before they started searching the bags kept near Naseema. When she objected, they pushed her towards the toilet. Then, I called a relative who lives near the station. He rushed over with other local residents and engaged in a scuffle with the samiti members”, said Muhammed Hussain while describing the sequence of events to an Indian Express reporter.

The cow protection group found a black bag of meat in the coach. The Police booked two unknown people, owner of the bag, under section 429(mischief by killing or maiming cattle)

According to Madhya Pradesh law, cow slaughter can lead an offender to seven years in jail. But, there is no objection in killing of buffaloes.