Charlie Hebdo’s Alan Kurdi Cartoon goes Controversial


Charlie Hebdo, the french cartoon magazine infamous for racist satirical tone,is once again into controversy by publishing a cartoon on Aylan Kurdi which attempts to  satirises the refugee crisis and the recent sexual assualt case in Germany.

The cartoon portrays animal like creatures chasing after a young  women with an inset image of Alan Kurdi lying dead on the beach.  The accompanying caption translated from French to English reads so

““What would little Aylan have grown up to be? ……..An ass groper in Germany.”

The cartoon was an attempt at mocking the recent news of sexual abuse in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s eve where most of the assualtants were refugees, including syrians.

The blatantly racist cartoon is widely criticised in the social media. Many calls the cartoon as disgusting and tasteless> The cartoon is another example for the french magazine’s racist policy.