Corruption Perception Index Ranks India in 76th Position


Transparency International (TI), the Berlin-based corruption watchdog in its latest Corruption Perception Index, has put India at a rank of 76 out of 168 countries. The country shares its rank along with six other countries including Brazil, Burkina Faso, Thailand, Tunisia and Zambia. However this year too, India’s score remains the same as last year’s – 38/100, showing a lack of improvement.

While Nordic countries — Denmark, Finland and Sweden — topped the chart with their clean public sectors as in previous years, strife-torn or repressive states including, Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia stays at the bottom of the list.

As far as India’s neighbors are concerned, China fared worse than India. TI has also noted that Pakistan is the only country among the SAARC countries, to have improved its score this year, though its rank remains poor at 117.

Brazil stands at rank 83 with a score of 37. Its position plunged in the list owing to major scandals such as the one in Brazil’s state oil giant Petrobras involving massive kick-backs.

The report also points out that many “clean” countries such as Denmark Finland, Sweden, Norway and Netherlands have “dodgy records elsewhere”. It cites Sweden as an instance. While the country comes third in the index, the Swedish-Finnish firm TeliaSonera – 37 per cent owned by the Swedish state – is facing allegations that it paid millions of dollars in bribes to secure business in Uzbekistan, which comes in at 153rd in the index. The company is now pulling out of business in Central Asia.

But Sweden isn’t the only “clean” country to be linked to dodgy behaviour overseas, the TI website reports. Their research shows that half of all OECD countries are violating their international obligations to crack down on bribery by their companies abroad.

Malaysia scored poorly at 50 over its last year’s score of 52, because of graft allegations surrounding its Prime Minister Najib Razak.