Hindu Mahasabha Hails Godse on Gandhiji’s Death Anniversary

nathuram-godse_d70b8ffe-8cf2-11e5-aaeb-430f0a0994d0While the entire nation mourned the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi today, the Hindu Mahasabha in an embarrassing move has celebrated the occasion with drum beats and sweets, and hailed his killer Nathuram Vinayak Godse. The followers also observed the day as ‘Anyaya Divas’.

The group was not allowed to celebrate Godse and erect his statue last year, following a crackdown by police and the administration at their office in Meerut. However this time, while the entire country observed two minutes silence

“We have been celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary as Shaurya Divas for over five decades now. According to us, Nathuram Godse earned all the merit he could in his life by killing Gandhi. People might mourn the death of Gandhi, but we will always celebrate this day,” said Pandit Ashok Sharma, national vice-president, Hindu Mahasabha.

Sharma also added that, “For us, Godse is our martyr. He showed courage by killing Gandhi who divided our country into two parts. While Pakistan is still an Islamic state, India never got the status of Hindu rashtra.”

Last year the ruckus created by the organization regarding the installation of Godse’s bust has resulted in the imposition of Section 144  of CrPC by the local administration in the whole district. This has eventually made them to give away the wish for erupting Godse’s statue.
“Though we have been celebrating Shaurya Divas for over five decades, it is for the first time that we observed ‘Anyaya Divas’ on January 30. It is because last year we were not allowed to set up a bust of Godse. We were not hurting anyone’s feelings; we were just erecting a statue, but the spot was sealed by the police. That’s why January 30 marks two days for us from now on,” said Bharat Rajput, district president of the organization.
A ‘buddhi-shuddhi’ (cleansing of the mind) yagna for the police and administration also took place inside the office premises so as to give them “wisdom”, Mahasabha members said. “This year, we want to prove to the police and administration that though we could not install a bust of Godse, the idea is very much on our minds, and it will happen soon,” said the organization’s leaders.