“I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.”


As cited on his official twitter page,after a courageous eighteen months battle with cancer, British legendary musician David Bowie died at the age of 69. The shocking news , which came just days after the release of Bowie’s 25th studio album “Blackstar” has put fans all across the globe into hardship.

A four decade long successful musical career dating back to the 1969 hit Space Oddity, about a fictional astronaut Major Tom who slips the bonds of the world for a transcendence  beyond the stars, came to an end on Sunday.

David Robert Jones aka David Bowie was a musical Chameleon. He traverse through a wide ranges of genres from glamrock, popular rock, blue eyed soul, traditional rock , punk rock to alternative rock, jungle,progressive rock and psychedelic folk.  His musical journeys an array of metaphors ranging from the 1969’s Major Tom to 2016’s blackstar.

His greatest hits includes 1969’s “Space Oddity”, “Heroes”(1977), “Under Pressure”(1981), “Changes”(1971),”Rebel, Rebel”(1974), China girl(1983), Modern love(1983), Panic in Detroit((1973), Fashion(1980), All the young dudes(1974), Life on Mars((1971),and Panic in Detroit(1973),

Fans and celebrities from all fields irrespective of art, music and culture flooded the social media with tribute messages to David Bownie.

According to an article written by Tom Hawking of Flavorwire.com, ever evolving Bowie moved from personas to personas as trying on new coats. First persona was a whimsical singer with acoustic guitars and psychadelia. Then comes the man who sold the world, the heavy rock avatar who teases his fans over his perceived bisexuality. Next comes the most successful persona Ziggy Stardust, a messenger for the extra terrestrial biengs. Through Aladdin Sane,a pun on “a lad insane”, Bowie personifies his own ambiguity about the entire Ziggy experience. Thin white duke, Bowie’s next persona lives on ‘red peppers, cocaine and milk’. The man who fell to earth, Pierrot, Jareth the Goblin King, The regular dude with a regular dude band, The outsider and the Elder statesman were the other five renowned personas of David Bowie and the final one was the Meta- Bowie, David Bowie playing with the idea of David Bowie.


  Image Courtesy:Helen Green


David Bowie also had a massive impact on pop culture .His freaky personas done a lot in shaping the entire pop culture. Space Oddity’s introduction is a barely audible instrumental buildup analogous to the bass tones of Thus spoke Zarathusthra. While, Ziggy Stardust communicates with the extra terrestrial biengs. Through his personas and experimental music , the bohemian musician countered the stereotypes and tried to anti establish the culture.