India-China ties to improve: Indian envoy Ashok Kantha


Beijing: Addressing the media today, India’s ambassador Ashok Kantha said China and India are re-emerging in a mutually supportive manner and their cooperation will benefit the world.

Xinhua said that Kantha has a “sense of deep satisfaction” as relations between the Asian neighbors gained momentum since he took office in 2014.

The ambassador will complete his tenure and leave China this week.

The ambassador in the last two years were, according to sources, were the most productive, in the development of Sino-Indian ties, as shown by frequent high-level exchanges, especially the two landmark visits by leaders of the two countries. The Chinese President Xi Jingping visited India in September 2014. In 2015, Xi has welcomes Modi to his home town. Apart from the frequent invites, the leaders also sent out “very powerful signals the desire by India and China to work together,” said Ashok Kantha.

India and China re-emerging was a defining development of the 21st century. The ambassador added that the two countries have to take into consideration each other’s interests, concerns and aspirations.

The two-way trade in 2015 is expected to reach $100 billion, with China being India’s largest partners.  The ambassador said that they need to move to a more balanced trade relationship and also asserted that India was trying to expand its economic engagement and attractive investment from Chinese companies.

While China has promoted strategies including ‘Made in China 2025’ and ‘Internet Plus’, India has launched initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’ and ‘Smart Cities’.

Ashok Kantha said he appreciated Chinese people’s in Indian culture. The ambassador stated that after visiting 27 Chinese cities, ‘Yoga is finding a second home in China’.

Kantha stated that there will be new opportunities created for the two countries to contribute to each other’s development.

“Indian companies have strengths when it comes to the knowledge-based economy, which can contribute to China’s economic development, which emphasizes innovation and R&D,” said Kantha. “We have converging interests when it comes to international issues. Therefore, it is not surprising that collaboration is increasing significantly,” he added. Kantha admitted there were problems, such us border disputes. “But we will not let them get in the way of the development of relations.” In 2015, China and India, together with other BRICS partners, worked to launch the New Development Bank, which is headquartered in Shanghai and headed by an Indian president. India also supported China in establishing the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank last year, with India being the second largest shareholder.