ISIS behind the attack in Indonesia


Islamic States claimed the responsibility for the attack in Jakarta which killed seven people . Aamaaq agency, a news agency allied with the IS, said on its Telegram Channnel “IS fighters carried out an armed attack this morning targeting foreign nationals and the security forces charged with protecting them in the Indonesian capital,”

Multiple explosions in the heart of the Indonesian capital jakarta on Thursday killed at least 17 people which includes five gunmen, seven civilians and five policemen.

A series of six blast shooked the Thamrin street which houses many luxurious hotels, embassies and offices. According to Indonesian media reports, Six gun men on motorbike carrying long riffles started firing into the crowd.

Jeremy Douglas,Regional Representative of the UN office on Drugs and Crimes,through his subsequent tweets described the bombing and gunfire infront of his office.

Police station near the Sarinah Thamrin Plaza was one of the targets. Indonesian  National Police Spokesman Anton Charlyan says that the attackers used grenades and engaged in firing with the officers.

An explosion tookplace close to a Starbucks Cafe in the Skyline building near to a police post.  An official statement issued by Starbucks says
       “Amidst reports of attacks targeting police posts throughout central Jakarta, initial reports are that an explosion took place close to our store in the Skyline building near one of these police posts. One customer sustained injuries and was treated on the scene; our partners (employees) are all confirmed to be safe. This store and all other Starbucks stores in Jakarta will remain closed, out of an abundance of caution, until further notice.”

Indonesian Police Spokesman Anton Charlyan said to AFP reporter that the modus operandi of the attack resembles of Paris attack and in late November they had received an information about Islamic State warning “there will be a concert” in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the world’s most muslim populated country and it has a secular government. Islamic State has already made a threat to Indonesia by putting it into the spotlight.  Approximately 500 to 700 Indonesians have joined in the ISIS , these trained jihadis and the seperatist groups operating inside the country are a great threat. Earlier in December, The police had  foiled a plot planning suicide bombing attack on new year’s eve celebrations.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has condemned the attack. He said on Metro TV “”Our nation and our people should not be afraid, we will not be defeated by these acts of terror, I hope the public stay calm. We all are grieving for the fallen victims of this incident, but we also condemn the act that has disturbed the security and peace and spread terror among our people.”

 People all around the world are showing solidarity to Jakarta with the hashtag #PrayforJakarta and the Indonesians are showing the defiance by the campaign #KamiTidakTakut which means we are not afraid.