“Let us continue to complain, to demand, to rebel..”- President Mukherjee


On the eve of India’s 66th Republic Day celebrations, President Pranab Mukherjee stressed on the need for accepting and upholding the quality of dissent.

In his address to the nation, he said, “Let us continue to complain, to demand, to rebel.” While warning against the “forces of violence” and “unreason,” the President reminded the citizens of the virtue of dialogue.

He said there can’t be any place for violence in India which is fast emerging as the global leader in science, technology and innovation. He said the country must resolve complex edges of our geo political inheritance with our neighbors through peaceful dialogue. However while reminding that there should be a continual engagement, he said we cannot discuss peace under a shower of bullets.

The President said there is a great virtue in acknowledging a problem and moving towards fixing a problem.

He has also stressed on the needs of proactive measures in tackling the issue of climate change, with 2015 turning out to be the warmest year on record.