Mahant Giri asserts women must be allowed to enter the temple

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In the light of the event, that raised voice on barring women from the temple, Akhara Parishad President Mahant Narendra Giri on Wednesday made a statement, asserting that women must not be barred from entering the temple.

“Preventing them from doing so, was not right in any manner. People must be allowed to visit temple and offer prayers irrespective of caste, creed or gender since it is their right to do,” he added.

The Shani Shignapur temple is dedicated to Lord Shani, the personification of planet Saturn. However, the temple doesn’t allow women devotees to the platform as per the tradition followed by the shrine.

On Tuesday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, asserted that a dialogue between the authorities of Shani Shingnapur temple and activists was on way. This was in favour to find a solution over the ban on entry of female devotees into the inner sanctum of the shrine.

“Indian culture and Hindu religion gives women have the right to pray. A change in yesterday’s traditions is our culture. Discrimination in praying is not in our culture. The temple authorities should resolve the issue through a dialogue,” tweeted Fadnavis, who also holds the Home portfolio.