Muslim women who fails to learn English may be deported: David Cameron

david-camIn  a move aimed at fostering greater integration by Muslim women, British Prime minister David Camaron on Monday said that some migrants to Britain who can not pass an English test with in two and a half years of arriving may  not allowed to stay in UK.

The changes would apply from October this year to immigrants who arrived in the UK on special visa. Muslim students also should lift their full face veil while going to school or courts as there is an official uniform policy.

Speaking to reporters, British PM said that there were 190,000 British women who spoke little English and needed to take on the “backward attitudes” of some patriarchal societies. He wrote in an article for the Times newspaper that failure in improving the fluency of English could revoke the right to stay in UK.

To help the willing women, an additional 22 million euro will be provided by the British Government for the English classes. David Cameron said that the language fund would end the passive tolerance of isolated communities which left many Muslim women facing discriminations.

Cameron said while there was no direct causal link between poor English language skills and extremism, those who were not able to integrate into British society were at risk of being susceptible to extremists.

David Cameron’s decision is criticized by various Muslim groups. Muhammed Shafiq, Chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation said that the PM and the conservative government is once again using British Muslims as a political football to score cheap points. He also added that rather than focusing on the positive contribution of Muslim community the Government is focusing on the extreme minority of issues which is non representative.

Mr Cameron has privately suggested that “the traditional submissiveness of Muslim women” is one of the main reason for the radicalisation of young men and the traditional submissiveness is preventing women from speaking out against the influence of radical imams.

The English proficiency rule is the latest in the series of rules which is making the life of an immigrant harder in UK.