New Sri Lankan Constitution Promises more Power Devolution


The Sri Lankan government has presented its plan for a new constitution under which there will be more devolution of power to the provinces. The move is aimed to prevent further spurting up of ethnic tensions in the island country, which has battled a long civil war.

The new step from the part of the reformist president Maithripala Sirisena is a follow up of post-conflict reconciliation process to address the alleged war crimes committed between the LTTE rebels and government troops.
“The main idea is to devolve power to the grassroots level and strengthen democracy in order to prevent another war,” a ruling party legislator who is close to the president told Reuters. As per the document presented to parliament on Saturday, the government intends to strengthen democratic rights, promote national reconciliation and establish a political culture that respects the rule of law.
It also says the new constitution will guarantee fundamental rights and freedoms that assure human dignity and promote responsible and accountable government.

However, some of the Opposition members have alleged that the new document has been drafted with the aim to please some Western nations and to dilute Budhism, which is the country’s main religion.