Pakistan and India to keep windows open for peace talks

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In spite of the long years of turf between Pakistan and India, a Pakistan daily on Tuesday, mentioned about the need for keeping the windows ajar with the foreign secretaries. The meeting is expected to be held this month. The aim, however notes “peace can win over terrorism”.

The editorial in The News International stated that it was a “well-established reality that there are elements on both sides of the Indo-Pak border that will go to any lengths to prevent the fight and promote peace between the two nations.

“It is essential these elements not be permitted to succeed, and this can happen only if the leaders of the South Asian neighbors refuse to allow their tactics to work,” it read.

“It is unfortunate then to see that the Pathankot attack has once more led to a crisis of trust, with New Delhi reverting quickly to some of the hostility and acrimony we have seen in the past,” the editorial mentioned.

However, talks between the two nations in the recent times and the visits have added to the friendly bond between the two nations.

“These measures may, to some degree, have salvaged matters. But they have not completely blocked a new wave of hostility,” it read.

The acrimony was directed across the border by India’s Defence Minister Manohar Parikkar is unsettling.

“Parrikar, responsible last year too for some highly offensive comments, has warned the ‘consequences will be seen’ in a year if Pakistan does not show action,” was mentioned in the editorial.

It also said that India has denied travel documents to Hurriyat leaders and social activists who had hoped to visit Pakistan this week for a Kashmir Conference – which has now been cancelled.

“New laser fences, which act like radars, are also to be installed by the Indian BSF.