PDP in huddle over next Chief Minister, BJP asked to walk the extra mile


In the absence of concrete assurances from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the agenda of the alliance between the BJP and People Democratic Party (PDP), Mehbooba Mufti may be unlikely to stake claim to power in Jammu and Kashmir, as party sources said on Friday.

According to party sources, the issue of being sworn in as the Chief Minister is secondary rather what troubles Ms Mufti is the lack of implementation of the terms of the alliance agenda, a promise made by her father and the party to the people of J&K. The 10 month rule of BJP-PDP coalition did not see much translation of the assurances on a grassroots level.

Mehbooba Mufti has resisted the lure to rule the state irrespective of calls from all quarters. She has been in deep introspection since the passing away of her father and it is highly unlikely for her to agree to head the ruling coalition unless BJP walks the extra mile. In fact, the party’s declaration that there shall be no discussions on government formation during their meeting in to be held in Srinagar tomorrow lends credence to the PDP’s objections.

Others in the party argue that to stake claim to power after delaying the matter for nearly a month would be giving in to the bait thrown by rivals, like the National Conference (NC) which has been calling the PDP decision to take its own time to decide on future course of action as “theatrics”.

Others in the party argue that the delay in staking claim to power would only serve to the bait thrown by rivals. The National conference has labeled the delay measures of the PDP as mere ‘theatrics’

“She has a long political career ahead which cannot be staked for immediate power unless she fulfils the promises made to the people and the aspirations they attached to the stewardship of an experienced politician like Mufti sahib,” said a party source, adding that the assurances of resumption of dialogue between the government and the separatists, claiming land occupied by the Armed forces and reverting the power projects to the state has to be fulfilled as promises made to the people.

With speculations rife that the state of J&K will heading for a mid-term poll, the Governor N N Vohra has stepped in to run the government by already asking the state finance department to start the vote on account process for the next financial year in order to prevent a financial crisis.