PM Modi to interact with entrepreneurs


NEW DELHI: Speaking to the press today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he will interact with the start-up entrepreneurs. This is scheduled after the launch of the government’s “Start-Up India’ initiative.

“Will join the programme to commence the Start-up India movement this evening. Looking forward to interacting with start-up entrepreneurs,” Modi tweeted.

He added, that the Start-Up India movements will begin on Saturday.

“This movement celebrates the energy and enterprising spirit of our youth,” he tweeted.

Addressing the media today, Modi said that the government’s “Start-Up India” initiative along with a “Start-Up Action Plan” will be launched.

The event is planned for celebrating the entrepreneur spirit of the youth of the country. The meet will also see the CEO’s and the founders of the top start-ups from across the country and abroad.

“The programme is aimed at promoting the finances of the start-ups. This will also boost the incentives and the entrepreneurship in the country,” he added.

Modi will release the Start-Up Action Plan. He will also visit a virtual exhibition. An interaction is also being planned with the start-up entrepreneurs at the event.