Prejudices Against Women Scientists Must End- Smriti Irani


Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani today said that there dramatically exists prejudices against women scientists in the country and doing away with it is the most fundamental challenge that needs to be addressed. She was addressing the delegates of the Women’s Science Congress as a part of the five days long 103rd Indian Science Congress in Mysuru.
Nothing that science does not preach or teach prejudice, rather helps in understanding differentiation between beings and encourages celebrating that diversity, she said the prejudice itself is a scientific anomaly. She said science for everyday women should be encouraged.
“A very famous physicist had once said that science can enrich plutonium but cannot enrich the hearts of men. I find that to be very honestly true to this day. For if science couldn’t enrich the hearts of men, we would not need a separate Women’s Science Congress,” Irani said.
The minister said it is necessary to eliminate the prejudices and make the name of female scientists familiar for even the school going children. “As we look to address the challenges that female scientists face, first and foremost, we need to engage with our children at the school level and tell them the remarkable contribution made by female scientists of Indian origin. That is the challenge that I hope to address at the earliest.”