Rajnath Singh Asks Police to Use Social Media with Control


Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has today asked the police force to use the social media to its advantage and for connecting with people. He was inaugurating the National Community Policing Enclave-2016 at Kovalam. He said it is imperative for the security personnel to exercise control and discipline while using the media.

“Social media is a power to police. They should use it to communicate with people. It is very important for the police to bridge the trust deficit that exists between the police and local communities. I always believe that the efficacy of any police force lies in its relationship and engagement with the local community,” the minister said.

Mr. Singh added that the challenges before police are various, and diversity and complexity of crimes are increasing. At the same time the public expectations from the force are also on a high. He said along with law and order problems, terrorism is also a cause of great concern. “Apart from global terrorism, the social changes brought about by the Internet and social media have posed huge policing challenges and have completely changed the way in which policing is done,” he added.

While stressing on the technological development, Mr. Singh said, while on the one hand newer technologies have enabled law enforcement agencies handle new age crimes and criminals, on the other, it has “hugely empowered” the criminals as well.

“Today, anyone sitting anywhere in the world can commit a crime anywhere in the world with impunity and anonymity. So the question arises in the present day technology-driven world, “While community policing should be the guiding principle of our police forces, I must say that building relationships should be our prime focus.”

State Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala , while speaking on the occasion, said Community Policy introduced in Kerala eight years ago had proved to be a great success.