Russia might not yield to western pressure

russia and western countries

Russia: After years of contemplation, Russia plans to build a relationship with the western countries. This will be done on the basis of equality and mutual benefits.

Addressing the media, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said that the western colleagues sometimes say that there will be no more ‘business as usual’ with Russia.

The minister said Russia was implementing a structural reform and at the same time substituting imports in order not to be dependent on the criss-cross troubles in western politics.

At the same time, as per reports Moscow will remain open and ready to cooperation with the West. However, the minister asserted that this transformation will be on the basis of equality. The rest will be opined on the basis of the principles of international law, he added.

The minister made a point on the Nato’s eastward expansion close to the Russian border and the establishment of the UN’s global missile defense system in Europe and Northest Asia.

At the same time, Russia’s top diplomats feel otherwise about the resolution policy as proposed by the Foreign Minister.  Sources said that a few opposed the idea, and stated that such policies are such “nonconstructive and dangerous” at the same time “short-sighted and destabilizing.”

There have been claims that such attempts have met with very poor results.The minister also noted that a uni polar ideology can no longer dominate international politics.

“The world is leaving behind the epoch of the total domination of the West and is now in a long transition period to a more stable system, where there will be no single pole of domination,” Lavrov said, adding that the emergence of a truly multi-polar world may take a “long and painful period as old customs take a long time to fade away.”

Nevertheless, the relationship with China is something that the Russia believes to term as model of international cooperation.

“It is in fact the best in the history of relations between our countries and our peoples… There is no other country with which we have such an extensive network of cooperation mechanisms,” Lavrov said, hailing the ties as “systemic” and having led to “impressive results”.