Sonu Nigam Launches Country’s First Transgender Band



India’s first transgender band has been launched today in Mumbai by singer Sonu Nigam. The ‘6-Pack Band’ was launched for Y-Films and the singer has given his voice to one of the songs. The group has six transgender singing original songs, which also include a cover version of Grammy-winner Pharrell Williams’ hit “Happy”.

Sonu said, it was something he wanted to do since long and had a great experience working with the band. “We are taking one step at a time. There are total six songs. I felt very happy singing with them. They were singing my songs all the time, they have a very good vibe. I really enjoyed their innocence and child-like energy,” he said.

He added that it pained him a great on seeing the transgender people being stereotyped in the society. “It used to sadden me very much that is there no way we can’t give them (Transgender) a respectable job, proper business… Why can’t it happen that we see them at normal places. Why do we see them on the streets, at marriage. Till when this will go on. It used to pain me a lot.”

The opening song in the band has been sung by actress Anushka Sharma and music composed by Shamir Tandon.