US navy sailors detained in the Persian gulf freed by iran


Iran on wednesday released ten american sailors, crew of the two small US navy vessels, who were captured on Tuesday foe entering into Iranian water near Farsi island “un intentionally”.

The sailors were taken into International waters and freed there, said the state affiliated Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). The release came after Iran got a satisfactory explanation from the US authorities that the high speed boats had no intention to enter into Iran’s waters.

The released sailors includes nine men and a women. The Pentagon confirmed the release and said there were no signs that sailors were harmed during their detention.

Revolutionary Guards spokesman said on press TV that the US navy boats entered into Iranian waters because of the failure of their navigation system. Iranian officials interrogated the sailors about their motives. A statement issued by Revolutionary guards said that US promised not to repeat the mistakes.

US military officials said the boat  drifted into Farsi island in the Persian gulf due to a mechanical error with one of the boats and the other attempted to aid. THe two boats were then picked up by the Iranian Navy. The boats were traveling from Kuwait to Bahrain.

The released navy boats were escorted by Iranian boats till the rendezvous point in the International water and then they boarded the USS Anzio to undergo the medical check.

The incident threatened to heighten the diplomatic friction between the Washington and Tehran.But the overnight diplomatic exchanges between US and Iran solved the problem smoothly.

At a Presidential campaign rally in the United States,Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump accused Obama of being weak on the foreign policy and described the incident as an indication of “where we are going” and he even described the nuclear deal as the “dumbest deal”.