What must be your morning beverage?

It is still an argument among the beverage lovers, as to whether tea or coffee makes ones day better. However, the British claims that their national...

What must be your morning beverage?


It is still an argument among the beverage lovers, as to whether tea or coffee makes ones day better. However, the British claims that their national drink, tea, is facing a competition from the lattes and cappuccinos.

A study was conducted recently to weigh the benefits of tea and coffee. The study was done on an accounting of taste, of course, but the result also included the scientific side of the effects the two beverages have on both body and mind.

For those who wake up to the coffee, the caffeine in it is the prime reason for the choice. For this one reason, scientists found out that, a cup of tea has about half the dose (40 milligrams) of the stimulant caffeine that you would find in a standard cup of brewed filter coffee (80-115 milligrams).

However, the study conducted showed a shocking result. The subjects were dosed with either tea or coffee, and it was found that both the beverages left subjects feeling similarly alert later in the morning.
Although that study was based on self-reported feelings of alertness, clear differences have failed to emerge in more objective measures of concentration, either as reacting times.

At the same time, when the subjects were dosed with tea made to the same strength as coffee, it proved to be more effective at sharpening the mind.

Scientists also attributed the alertness to the psychological feeling we have towards out favorite drink. This included the overall experience of the tastes, and smells, of the drink that awaken our senses. The verdict was that tea provides just as a powerful wake-up call as coffee.

When it came to the quality of sleep that the subjects got after consuming the same measure of coffee or tea, the result showed a staggering difference.  Coffee drinkers found it harder to drop off at night, perhaps the high caffeine content. Tea drinkers, in contrast, had longer and more restful slumbers.

Along with red wine, coffee and tea are both known to discolor the teeth to a murky yellow and brown. Most dentists seem to agree that tea’s natural pigments are more likely to adhere to dental enamel than coffee.
The result showed that coffee is the lesser of the two evils when it comes to the two beverages.

When it came to identifying whether tea or coffee acted to be more soothing for the mind and body, it was found that tea does a better job in calming the subjects and giving them a physiological response to unsettling situations. When the subjects were given three cups of tea a day, it appeared to have 37% lower risk of depression than those who do drink tea

However, coffee failed with the reputation, that indeed, reports showed that it makes people feel like nerves are jangling. Yet there is some evidence that it too may protect against long-term mental health problems.

However, tantalizing, though preliminary, epidemiological studies have suggested that both coffee and tea offer many other health-giving benefits. A few cups of either beverage a day appears to reduce your risk of diabetes, for instance. The final result showed that few cups of both the beverages a day can reduce your risk of diabetes as well.

Hence, enjoy that cup of coffee or tea that wakens your senses in its own way.

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