Peace Troubadour to led a global meditation in ISIS -Controlled Syria

On February 1 2016, James Tymann, popularly known as the Peace Troubadour, is organising a prayer vigil with millions of people to counteract the ISIS terror. James togetherly with Abrahamic reunion, a team of spiritual peacemakers including leaders from Islam, Christianity and Judaism, in Jerusalem will be visiting a Syrian village on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights overlooking several ISIL and Hezbollah held villages. They will be singing prayers/hymns from each religion at the exact moment millions around the world will be in meditation at eastern US time 10 AM.

The group is coming together to show solidarity and make a statement against extremism in all religions.“Every peace mission I’ve been on has been dangerous, but this journey is without question the most perilous, and in my opinion – the most important. People everywhere are concerned about the escalating violence in the Middle East, especially with the rise of ISIS, but they don’t feel empowered to be part of the solution. That is what we are about to change.”, Twymann wrote on his blog.

James Twymann, hailing from Portland, has been performing peace concerts in many war-torn countries over the past twenty years. Beginning in Bosnia and Croatia in 1995 during the Balkan war; then in 1998 he was invited by Saddam Hussein to perform at the national theater in Baghdad, Twymann claimed on his website.

The Peace Troubadour believes that combining his energy with that of millions of other people at the exact same moment, focusing on a specific world situation or event might results in a positive change.