Announcing a way forward to tackle the increasing garbage menace in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kajriwal said that his government shall provide Rs. 500 crore as loan to the MCD, so that it can pay the workers.

“This is a loan; Delhi government does not owe the MCDs (Municipal Corporations of Delhi) even a single rupee. The claim by the BJP is false,” he said.

Citing figures and demanding CBI investigation, Mr. Kejriwal said that there is a widespread embezzlement in the municipal corporation bodies.

“We have paid the North Delhi Municipal Corporation Rs 893 crore this year,” said Kejriwal. “That’s almost double the amount they have received the previous years. If they can pay salaries in Rs 550 crore, then why can’t they do so now? Where is the rest of the money?”

The CM has also informed the press persons that he had asked minister Manish Sisodia too see if the Delhi government can take over the administration of hospitals run by MCDs, as the doctors have written to him about the same. Mr. Kejriwal said this will save the MCD of Rs 800 crores, which they spend on seven hospitals.

While blaming the BJP for creating an environment of crisis in Delhi, he stated, “This is a conspiracy by BJP to keep the Delhi government under constant crisis. It is creating such an environment because they don’t want Delhi government to do any work. It just shows the dictatorship tendencies of Modi government; see how they got President’s Rule imposed in Arunachal Pradesh. They want to create an environment here conducive to imposing President’s Rule in Delhi too.”

Meanwhile he used the occasion to thank the Public Works Department (PWD) officials and his own party members for helping out at times of crisis.

When asked why it took the government so many days to arrive at this solution, Kejriwal said that was because they were trying to recover money from the Delhi Development Authority.