Project X- Mercedes-Benz unveils their new car with a tune

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Casting movie stars for advertisements, be it soaps, shampoos, or even fairness creams, are what gets the products to fly off shop cabinets. This mantra has worked for companies for years now. However, car-makers, Mercedes-Benz, changed a new gear, to this practice with the ad ‘Khushnuma’. The new advertisement saw a group of musicians, cast for the new advertisement for a car being launched this year.

The Delhi Auto Expo had witnessed something of a different shade on Wednesday night. The German carmaker Mercedes-Benz collaborated with five music maestros – A R Rahman, Shubha Mudgal, Ranjit Barot, Amit Trivedi and Ashwin Srinivasan, for unveiling their new car.

The ‘Project X – The Winners Way’ was created to the base sound that drummer Ranjit Bhanot, had laid. The artists came up on stage and discussed the making of the tune.

The story of Winners Way is that of a true winner. A 19-year-old Shivam dreams, of following his passion for music, despite opposition from his father. He reaches a crossroad in his life – whether to follow his heart or heed his parent’s call. Shivam leaves his house to pursue his passion. He undergoes various obstacles only to taste success. A winner cannot be defined by the success or accolades they achieve, rather their ability to win over hearts. In the end, Shivam returns home to his dad to amend their relationship and embark on a new journey.