Obama refers to Modi as a good friend

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President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are more like friends rather than politicians of two countries competing to establish their supremacy. President Obama claims the Indian Prime Minister is honest and has a clear vision for India.

Josh Earnest, Secretary of White House Press said, “President Obama has found Prime Minister Modi to be somebody who is honest and direct, somebody who has good command of the facts, somebody who has a clear understanding of the issues that confront his country and our relationship”.

On Monday, President Obama met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the onset of United Nation’s Climate Change Summit in Paris.

With the frequent talk the two country leaders have, they are shaking hands on bringing the foreign affairs closer and in strengthening the country ties in the final year of President Obama’s term.

The two leaders are looking forward to meeting each other as the White House would be open for the Indian Prime Minister anytime of the year.

Earnest said, “I’m not aware of any meetings that are on the agenda at this point, but I certainly wouldn’t rule out another visit by Prime Minister Modi before the end of next year”.