Amma – The mother of all Marketing


Tamil Nadu: At the 68th birthday bash of Chief Minister Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu, sixty-eight couples were married in a mass ceremony. The only catch was that, all of them had to adorn a crown with the photo Amma overlooking the ceremony.

The recent fiasco, in comparison, involving party men from AIADMK forcefully pasting pictures of Jayalalitha on relief materials, could be termed subtle.

Chief Minister Jayalalitha, lovingly called ‘Amma’ has made sure that her presence has been felt everywhere in Tamil Nadu. Ranging from Amma branded products and services, such as Amma canteens to cement, Amma cannot be missed by any visitor to the state.

In the last decade, the successive governments in Tamil Nadu have spent close to US $2 Billion in freebie schemes, from color television sets, laptops to grinder and other electronics.

The southern state of Tamil Nadu, recognised for its governance and development is also fiercely known for their devotion to politicians and celebrities.